Loft apartments of this sort

can be found in many

neighborhoods and cities

these days.

L O F T.

A loft apartment is generally defined as a large, open space, usually without any internal walls (except for the bathroom!), and, up until recently, usually in one-time commercial or industrial buildings that have been converted into residential apartments. In addition to their wide-open feel, loft apartments are also characterized by high ceilings; exposed piping, ventilator tubes, and support beams and poles; wooden or concrete floors; as well as oversized, and often floor-to-ceiling, windows.


When you hear the words “loft” and “apartment” put together, the phrase conjures a notion of a romantic, urban, bohemian life that always seems just out of reach, right? And that you would need to live in SoHo, Boston, or San Francisco to rent such a cool place, right? Wrong! Loft apartments are abundant in many old mill building and factories in smaller communities in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine.

What does a loft apartment entail? Well, we say it’s any wide-open apartment space above with no or few internal walls, and usually only on one floor. These residences are former industrial, mill or commercial spaces that have been renovated and refit as loft apartments.

Lofts usually boast high ceilings and a blank slate for you to let the creative part of your brain play with decor. Lofts usually sport large windows (a holdover from their former status as industrial spaces). The “cool factor” is undeniable and the authentic nature of the spaces reflects a unique and individual style. Many people use lofts for both living and working. They provide space and inspiration for many who are in creative fields such as artists, musicians, designers, writers, and more.

1. Wide Open Spaces

3 Reasons You Should

Rent a Loft Apartment

Loft properties, especially converted loft space, have a special kind of charm that comes from living in a place that was initially designed for something else. You also benefit from the holdovers of the building’s usually industrial past: Exposed brick, high ceilings, and oversized windows are common attributes of a loft apartment. There are often architectural details such as gears and pulley, or even original fire doors.

2. Unique Charm

Communities that feature smaller loft space, although minimal in size, often boast shared amenities. Many loft properties offer common amenities like fitness rooms, club rooms, patios, and fire pits. These shared amenities foster a sense of community and create a neighborhood-like feeling within the entire property. The communities are also usually located within walking distance to downtowns with easy access to restaurants, shops, and entertainment. For those who seek new connections, many like-minded loft renters end up developing fast friendships and a thriving social community.

3. Shared Amenities

A loft space can be anything you want it to be: Bohemian, cozy, minimalistic, eclectic, functional. High walls let you hang plenty of art (or enjoy the exposed brick).

The only limit is your own imagination.

At Chinburg Properties, we know there are lots of people who rent loft apartments to enjoy an unparalleled sense of space, community, comfort, and privacy—so, we offer loft spaces that bring this all to life.

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